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A great little miniseries

Sisters 1968

The story of Karin, Lottie and Ingela's summer takes place in Ystad but is about something much bigger. The series depicts a significant time for gender equality and demands for change. With us you can, among other things, experience original costumes from the 60s series. 


The end of the 60s in Sweden was a time of new ideas and questioning of old ideals. Sisters 1968 touches on all the topics that characterized the time: student revolts, the Vietnam War, drugs, sex, birth control pills and women's demands for equality. 

The series is based on what happens when three young women from different places meet around a local newspaper in Ystad. The working class girl who graduated from the School of Journalism, her friend the artist and the newspaper owner's daughter. It will be a story about worlds that collide, about friendship, new insights and love. 

Sisters 1968 was recorded as a three-part miniseries in Ystad Studios. The script was written by Martina Bigert and Maria Thulin. Kristina Humle directed. In 2018, Sisters 1968 premiered in SVT. 

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