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Film i Skåne and the City of Ystad proudly presents:

Mixed Reality Scandinavia

Where film meets reality

Mixed reality is a collaboration between Film i Skåne, Film London and the city of Ystad to share knowledge on fiction tourism and destination development. Our aim is to discuss the best practice available in the field by inviting the most skilled speakers and focusing on areas like new technology and changes in local and regional policies. With good examples of strategies and efforts where literature, film and other fiction create product and destination development, we deepen our knowledge and expand our opportunities. This year we welcome you to Ystad on the 5-6th of September

September 5 - 6th 2023

At Fritiden Hotel & Kongress in Ystad, Skåne, Sweden
Join us from tuesday 12:00 - wednesday 13:00

Since the success of the Wallander films in the early 2000s, the city of Ystad got known as one of the best Swedish cities for film tourism. Walking through the narrow streets, you can find and enjoy the classic Wallander cakes made by the local bakeries while trying to spot all the locations of the films. Walk a little further to the old military base, and you will find the Ystad Studios Visitor Center, where you can step into Wallander's office, as well as many other classic sets from Swedish film and tv.


Andrea Reuter.jpg


Andrea Reuter

Jenni Steele.jpeg

The importance of Screen Tourism for Scotland’s Visitor Economy

Visit Scotland

Jenni Steele

Harvey Edgington.jpg

Wild Isles

The Programme and the Campaign

National Trust

Harvey  Edgington 

Karin Tingstedt.jpg

How Has the Thin Blue Line Affected Malmö and the Hospitality Industry?

Malmö City

Karin Tingstedt

Jens Lyckman.jpg

How Has the Thin Blue Line Affected Malmö and the Hospitality Industry?

Malmö Live

Jens Lyckman

Alison Williams.jpg

Catching the Big Fish

Acail and Skye

Allison Williams

Martina Hedvall.jpg

Our Castle is Your Castle

National Property Board

Martina Hedvall

Eleanor Jubb.jpg

Screen Tourism: How valuable is it?

Olsberg SPI

Eleanor Jubb

Michelle B. Opshaug.jpg

Narvik Center

Michelle B. Opshaug

Screen Tourism on War History in Northern Norway

Johanna Forsman.jpg

Olsberg SPI

Johanna Forsman

Turning destinations into playgrounds for your imagination


Words from the hosts

It feels fantastic to announce another edition of Mixed Reality Scandinavia on 5-6 September 2023. I am really looking forward to meeting all the lecturers and participants in Ystad in the autumn.


In my travels as a newly employed film commissioner back in 2008, I realised that many of my international colleagues worked with fiction tourism in different ways. At the same time, I met a great interest in Ystad municipality's work with fiction tourism and was asked by Ystad to keep my eyes open for inspiring activities elsewhere in the world.


In a conversation with the then municipal council in Ystad municipality, we came up with an idea to create a meeting place in Ystad with presentations and discussions about fiction tourism in focus.


The first Mixed Reality Scandinavia conference was held at Ystad Saltsjöbad in September 2009 and has since been held in Malmö, Karlskrona and London in addition to Ystad. Nowadays, the event takes place in close collaboration with Film London and we will alternate hosting so that the conference takes place every two years in London and Ystad.

Mikael Svensson (arrangör).jpeg

Head of Southern Sweden Film Commission

Mikael Svensson

Marie Holmström.jpg

Head of Tourism Ystad

Marie Holmström

Hålla samman 16_9_key_art_clean.jpg

Hålla Samman

"HÅLLA SAMMAN" is a Swedish TV dramedy following the contrasting lives of sisters Lina and Petra and their families in Ystad. Lina, with a big heart but impulsive nature, and Petra, the responsible older sister who carries the weight of everything and everyone. Despite their differences, they excel at resolving conflicts swiftly. Their father Kenneth, a tough yet loving man, runs a car workshop and shares his life with his loyal companion, Heaven the dog. When Kenneth is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, the sisters' lives are disrupted. Emotions fluctuate between sadness, anger, resilience, and laughter. They must take action, but Lina and Petra strongly disagree on the course of action. Amidst it all, they realize the importance of seizing the present moment.

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