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Make your own movie

Stop motion
animation studio

Plan, direct and record your own stop motion movie in our animation studio. When you feel finished with your little masterpiece, you can take the film home by sending it to yourself.

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In the animation studio, you start by carefully choosing props that you think fit your film. You take the props with you to a light cabinet that is set up in the studio. The light cabinet becomes the backdrop and the scene for your film. In front of the light cabinet is your camera. The rest is history, as they say. With the difference that the story is up to you! Now you are everything: screenwriter, director and photographer. Arrange one scene at a time and discover what happens when you put them together. Do you need to adjust anything? Do that, and drive again until you are satisfied.

Explore stop motion

Stop motion is a technique that is based on placing many still images one after the other. When they are then shown for a sufficiently short time in a row, they are perceived together as a moving film. It is actually the same technology that is the basis for the entire film medium, the difference is that in stop motion we perceive the switch between two images as a small notch. A skilled stop motion filmmaker knows exactly how much change he wants between two images to create a sequence of events that is comfortable and interesting for the recipient to watch.


In our studio you can try your hand at your own stop motion movie. Grants in the studio easily tell you how to proceed. During the high season, we also always have staff who can help and show in the studio.

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