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Wallander / Circus Imago / Bron / Pax / Sisters 1968


The way we look at movies is not real. It sounds boring. So we make it a reality! At Ystad Studios, you take the step straight into scenes picked from worlds, lives and situations that you would never otherwise have a chance to experience - than via the film's enchanting universe.

Children's favorites

pax inspelning foto Carolina Falk.jpg

About 60 min

Play and explore Pax spaceships from SVT's series for children.

Pax earthly adventures

About 60-90 min

Plan, direct and record your own stop motion movie in our animation studio.

Stop motion studio

About 90 min

Surprise with a unique party experience!

Children's party behind the scenes
Ystad Studios Visitor Center Foto Caroline Lilja Grilly (56) - kopia.jpg

About 60 min

Try to make movie effects for real. Discover the creativity of greenscreen technology.

Greenscreen studio

About 30 min

Meet Belorac, look for the magic crystal and sneak behind the scenes.

Emily and the Magic Journey
Teaser CI familjedag-1.jpg

About 60 min

Play behind the scenes of the famous TV production. There are no boundaries here.

Circus Imago
Step into the success


From 12 books by Henning Mankell about commissioner Kurt Wallander, the Swedish films have become 32 and the British 12 in number. The audience is international and the phenomenon has put Ystad on the world map. Here inside the walls, authentic recording environments remain. And you get to go in, feel and live in.

Youth & adults


About 60 min

Open the door to Wallander's home and discover everything from the popular series.


About 60 min

A tribute to Kurt Wallander's creator that have been published in 100 countries.

Henning Mankell

About 15 min

See the costumes from SVT's acclaimed series about Saga Norén and Martin Rohde.


About 60 min

An exciting challenge in true Wallander spirit!

Escape Room - Nyberg's Lab

About 10 min

In the small town of Ystad, big questions were moving in the summer of '68. 

Sisters 1968
Hålla samman 16_9_key_art_clean.jpg

10 min

A warm dramedy with great love and lots of humor.

Keep it Together
Image 15.jpg

film studio

Ystad Studio also has a professional film studio of 5000 m2 with the possibility of indoor filming all year round. If you want to know more about our professional services, check out Film i Skåne - there you will find everything.

Ystad Studios in pictures
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