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Travel with the spaceship from Ypsagon

Pax earthly adventures

Ypsagon has landed on Earth and Pax has set out to find parts to repair his spaceship with. In the meantime, the ship is yours to explore. Inspect her various manikins and help her make a real mess in the kitchen.


Try Pax wig from the costume store and take definite steps into your ship. What had Pax done now? Are you going to try to start the ship without all the parts or is something else in the spaceship more important to fix first? Here you and your friends can play freely in the same ship that the series was filmed in. If you want, you can borrow a film camera and record your space adventures and have the film sent home with you.

A short distance from the ship there is also a small cozy room for children, where you can crawl in and watch a couple of episodes of Pax's earthly adventures. Opposite the cozy room you will find a craft corner where you can draw and write greetings to Pax which we will leave for her the next time she returns to her spaceship.

A space experience on earth

Pax Earthly Adventures is a series for children about the space creature Pax from Ypsagon. She ends up on earth for various reasons in the various episodes. Recurring characters are Arga Tanten and Snälle Gubben. The Angry Aunt makes up for it, and the Nice Old Man helps. In the series, there is no dialogue in any of our earthly languages, all the characters speak fluent pretend language.

The first episode of Pax's Earthly Adventures aired in January 2012 and a total of three seasons of ten episodes each have been produced. The series is recorded in Ystad studios and produced by Anagram for SVT Barn. Sanna Persson Halapi has written the script and plays the role that Pax, Petter Bragée has directed.

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