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Acrobat and magician for a day

Circus Imago

Illusionist or balance artist - who will you be in Cirkus Imago's magic arena? Step straight into the same backdrop that the series was filmed in and explore the juggler, acrobat, clown and magician in yourself. Bring your friends, borrow a camera and film your best number.


The light is dim and perfectly dramatic. You stand in the middle, surrounded by velvet fabric in red and colorful details. In the arena, you realize all your circus dreams. You can pick up costumes from our wardrobe and look for props in the different corners of the arena. Then the stage is yours.

In the world of Circus Image, it is your courage and your creativity that play the main role. We help you with an environment that allows play and invention. In high season, there are always guides on site at the manege who can show and tell you more about what you can try to do, in case you would like a tip or two.

Teaser CI familjedag-1.jpg
The dream of circus life

The Cirkus Imago series is about Anna, Dag and Morgan. They are three ordinary people who dream of performing in a circus. Between them and their goal is circus director Harald who is not impressed by any trick.

The production is written and directed by Morgan Alling who also plays the role of the same name. Co-author is also Ola Norén and in the roles we see Anna Lagerkvist, Dag Andersson and Harald Leander. The series is a collaboration between SVT, MINT and Film in Skåne and was recorded in Ystad Studios. In September 2009, Cirkus Imago premiered on Barnkanalen on SVT.

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