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A warm dramedy with great love and lots of humor.

Keep it Together

Two sisters. Their families. One father. Alzheimer's disease.

Lives turned upside down. During the summer of 2023, the production company Anagram filmed the eight episodes that became 'Hålla Samman' (eng 'Keep it Together').

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'Keep it Together' is a warm dramedy about the sisters Lina and Petra and their families in Ystad. The sisters are opposites; Lina has a big heart but weaker impulse control, while Petra is the organized older sister who takes responsibility for everything and everyone, whether she likes it or not. Despite occasional stormy fights, the sisters are experts at lightning-fast conflict resolution. Their father, Kenneth, runs an auto repair shop and lives with his loyal companion, the dog Heaven.

Kenneth loves his daughters but is of a tougher nature and doesn't waste emotions. When Kenneth receives an Alzheimer's diagnosis, the sisters' lives are turned upside down. Grief, anger, hilarity, and liberating laughter alternate. Something must be done, but Lina and Petra are, of course, completely at odds about what to do. At the same time, they realize that life must be lived now. You can visit Lina's kitchen from the filming at Ystad Studios Visitor Center.

The series is produced by Ann Lundberg and Emma Åkesdotter Ronge for Anagram in co-production with SVT, Film in Skåne, and Helsinki Filmi, with support from Anagram's co-producer Ystad-Österlen Film Fund.

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A Swedish dramedy from 2023

The sisters Lina and Petra are opposites, and their quarrels are occasionally stormy, but they are experts at lightning-fast conflict resolution. When their father, Kenneth, receives an Alzheimer's diagnosis, everyone's lives are turned upside down. Something must be done. However, Lina and Petra are, of course, completely at odds about what to do.

'Keep it Together' was written by Erik Ahrnbom in collaboration with Martin Larsson, along with episode writers Ida Kjellin and Vanja Torp. The conceptual direction was done by Maria Blom, with episode direction by Martin Larsson.

The series was filmed in Ystad and Ystad Studios, premiering on SVT (Swedish public broadcaster) in October 2023.

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