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Sofia Heling och Kim Bodnia spelade rollerna som Saga Norén och danska polisen Martin Rohde.
Internationally acclaimed

The Bridge

The acclaimed audience success about police officers Saga Norén and Martin Rohde both takes place and was recorded in the Öresund region - including at Ystad Studios. Here you will find the two main characters' original costumes set up exactly as they were worn in the series.

Sofia Helin och Kim Bodnia i Bron

The main roles are played by Sofia Helin and Kim Bodnia and the entertainment value is as much action as complex characters. The series consists of four seasons where the first three were written by Hans Rosenfeldt and the fourth by him together with Camilla Ahlgren. A large part of the studio recordings were made in Ystad Studios and each season required around 100 actors and 80 people in the film team.

Från inspelningsplats
Regissörens utsikt under inspelning
A cross-border success

Almost 200 countries have broadcast The Bridge since the series premiered in Sweden and Denmark. The production quickly became an audience success with around one million viewers during the first episode in both countries. In the US and the UK, the Bridge created the highest viewing figures of a non-English language series made to date.

Already after the first season, 135 other countries had bought the series. In addition to broadcasts, as many as seven countries have made reinterpretations and their own recordings according to the Swedish script where other border regions formed the arena for the events. Between Great Britain and France, the drama revolves around the tunnel under the English Channel, between Germany and Austria is a mountain pass scene and between South Africa and the Zimbabwe bridge in Beitbridge.

Från Bron II under Öresundsbron
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