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Mankells vy från skrivbordet där allt skapades
Get to know the creators of Wallander

Henning Mankell 

Author and playwright Henning Mankell became world famous for his 12 books about Kurt Wallander. The books have been published in around 100 countries and have sold 40 million copies. In addition to the detective stories about Wallander, he also wrote several other novels, children's books and plays. Throughout his life, Mankell also had an active involvement in society, especially focusing on the third world.

Affischer från Mankells verk

In the room dedicated to Henning Mankell, you can step in and let the breadth of his writing sink in. Here you close out the outside world with the room's double door and become comfortable with the peace that only the art of the written word can provide.

Sit back and allow yourself to be swept along in the film about Mankell's writing and career. Anneli Höier, Mankell's international publisher, talks about the man behind the decks and the successes he achieved with them.

Move through the room and relive the book covers from your favorite stories and browse through a selection of his works.

Henning Mankell rummet
Henning Mankells skrivmaskin
Commitment and destiny

Mankell began his career in the world of theater and he devoted himself to screenwriting from time to time throughout his career. Over the years, he has received several awards for his writing.

In addition to writing, Mankell has had a vibrant cultural and societal commitment. He has started book publishing, worked as a theater director, instituted scholarships and literature prizes and donated large sums of money to organizations that help vulnerable children in Africa and India.

Mankell grew up with his father and did not meet his mother until he was 15 years old. He was married three times and had a child. Born in Stockholm and raised in Sveg, Mankell lived most of his life mainly in three places: Ystad, Särö and Maputo in Mozambique. It was no coincidence that Mankell placed Wallander in Ystad. Henning Mankell died of lung cancer in 2015, aged 67.

Henning Mankells skrivbord
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