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In the center of the murder mysteries


The police station from the very first film adaptation, the office from the British films and not least Commissioner Kurt Wallander's private living room. Here you take the same steps as Wallander did in the original scenographies, try on his jacket and flip through a solid collection of manuscripts.


Open the door to Kurt Wallander's home and sit comfortably in one of the armchairs in the living room. This is exactly where Krister Henriksson was filmed when he did the role of Kurt Wallander, and everything is decorated here now as it was then.

The scenographies Wallander also include a large number of costumes, scripts and storyboards which, together with image and sound, create an interactive behind-the-scenes experience for you as a visitor.

For the dedicated visitor, we recommend at least one posing in Wallander's shirt and jacket per scenography to take the perfect picture of you in the role of Kurt Wallander.

IMG_2289Wallander hantverkshemmet_redigerad-1.jpg
Kenneth Branagh som Kurt Wallander i den engelska versionen
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An internationally renowned commissioner

The 12 books about Kurt Wallander have been translated into about 40 languages and read by over 40 million people.

The film adaptations quickly became an audience success and today there are 32 Swedish films and 12 British ones about Wallander. All were recorded mainly at the actual locations in and around Ystad.

The first book about Kurt Wallander was written by Henning Mankell in 1991 and the last was published in 2013. As early as 1995, the first film adaptation based on the books came, then with Rolf Lassgård in the lead role. Thereafter, the films and series about Wallander replaced each other until 2014 when the latest film premiered. In the majority of Swedish films, Krister Henriksson has the role of Kurt Wallander.


Since the films were mostly shot in the geographical locations described in the books, Wallander's world can be experienced physically not only with us at Ystad Studios Visitor Center, but throughout Ystad: the home on Mariagatan, Fridolf's patisserie, the restaurant at Hotell Continental and the alleys in the city center.

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