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Children (5-18 years):

Children (0-4 years):



120 kr

60 kr


100 SEK

100 SEK


300 kr

Perfect for you who are many. Applies to up to three children in the company of two adults.


100 kr

40 kr


Children 5-18 years

Mondays are a little calmer with us, so we offer "Happy Monday" prices.

Group package

We begin the visit with an easy lecture that gives an insight into Ystad's film industry. We tell about how it all started in Ystad Studios, about Henning Mankell and the different films and series that were recorded in the city. You get to know the different Wallander productions and learn about film tourism in the city. Our guide then gives a short presentation of the visitor center and you get time to get acquainted with all the scenographies and experiences.

  • 1 hour

  • Entrance to YSVC

  • Sv / eng


A short introduction to our friend Commissioner Kurt Wallander and to the experience at Ystad Studios Visitor Center. We tell about how the small town Ystad became the film town Ystad. 

  • About 15 minutes 

  • Included in regular entrance price but needs to be pre-booked 

  • Sv / eng 


Millions of readers around the world have followed Commissioner Kurt Wallander as he chases murderers through the narrow cobblestone alleys in Ystad, rests on Mariagatan, or when he has coffee at Fridolf's patisserie. But how did it all start? This package suits Wallander's dedicated fans and includes a complete behind-the-scenes lecture on the Wallander productions. Our guide then gives a short presentation of the visitor center and you get time to get acquainted with all the scenographies and experiences. 

  • 1 hour

  • Entrance to YSVC

  • Sv / eng


Combine your visit to Ystad Studios Visitor Center with an exciting and educational city walk in Ystad. Experience the environments from the books and movies about Wallander for real. If you come by own bus, our guide can set up part of the round as a bus tour. This package also includes admission to Ystad Studios Visitor Center.

  • 1 hour and 15 minutes with guide 

  • Entrance to YSVC 

  • Sv / eng 

Children's party

Silence, shooting, partying

Hold your children's party in Ystad Studios Visitor Center!

Welcome to a different children's party with us. Here is a fantastic environment for games and activities, the children can dress up, try out the green screen and take a tip walk in famous scenographies from film and television. We fix coffee and set the table nicely.

The following is included:

  • Entry

  • Party host who serves coffee and greets

  • Juice and bun or other pastries, or ice cream cone

  • Free access to our fine exhibition

  • 1.5 hours with us with access to own room

  • Group photo that everyone can take home

To be able to arrange your party, you can be up to 12 children and an adult needs to accompany as party manager during the event. 

  • Saturdays

    • 11.00 - 12.30 / 13.00 - 14.30

  • From 6 years to very old

  • SEK 150 / person



Do you like to build with clay?

Come and make your own characters and let them come to life in our animation studio!

You make your own character in clay and bring it to life in our animated landscapes with the help of an iPad and our stop-motion technology.

  • 1-2 hours


Movie star for a day

Do you dream of becoming an actor? Do you want to try working as the pros for a day? _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Come and our actor in a real movie scene! We will work with a scene from one of all the films and TV productions that have been recorded at Ystad Studios.

  • 2-3 hours



Come and make your own movie trailer in true Hollywood style. 

Horror! Adventure! Action! You choose the type of trailer you want to make and record it with the help of our iPads in our unique film environments.

  • About 2 hours


Paper Cut Animation

Do you like to draw and cut in paper? Come and make your own characters and let them come to life on film! 

In our animation studio you can try to make your own animated film with our stop-motion technology. You make your own character in paper and bring it to life with the help of a paper background and an iPad.

  • About 2 hours


Music video

Come and make a music video in our unique film environments!

A music video can look almost any way. Listen to the music and let your imagination decide what your music video should look like. Film in our unique film environments or in our large green screen.

  • About 2 hours

Educational activities

Make a detective film

Criminal investigations have a very grateful dramaturgy, they have suspense, a natural structure and often a surprising ending. Maybe that's why detective stories are so popular.

In Ystad Studios, which houses real environments from the Wallander films, you will record your own detective film. A crime has been committed and you must tell how it happened, how the investigation is progressing and how it is solved. The film will consist of three scenes, the class will be divided into three groups and each group will each produce a scene from the film. The finished film will be about 8-10 minutes.

  • From year 5 to high school

  • Max about 30 students

  • About 4 hours

Up to 15 students

SEK 6,500 (1 film educator)

16 to 30 students

SEK 13,000 (2 film educators)


Learn to animate

The word "animation" comes from Latin and means "bring to life". Here the students get to express themselves with the help of pictures and movement - they discover a new form of communication and practice working together in groups.

This activity allows students to make their own films with the stop motion animation technology, which is based on photographing still images of objects. "The Sheep Shaun", "The Escape from Hönsgården" and "The Pirates" are examples of stop-motion animated masterpieces that have achieved great international success in recent years. The activity ends with a screening on a large screen in the studio and the group gets the finished films home with them.

  • Max about 30 students

  • About 4 hours

Up to 15 students

SEK 6,500 (1 film educator)

16 to 30 students

SEK 13,000 (2 film educators)


Send space news

Here you can make your own news program. The environments consist of the unique spaceship that was built for the recordings of the TV series "At the end of the Milky Way", Circus Imagos scenery and our green screen studio.

TV news is an element of our everyday lives and surveillance of the world around us is common in schools. Here, students can learn how to record a news report by trying it out for themselves. The final result will include a vignette with music, presentation of the program, advertisements, reportage, interview or drama, final vignette and names of the participants.  Finally, the program is shown on a big screen in the studio and the group gets it also brings home.

  • Grades 1-6

  • Max about 30 students

  • About 4 hours

Up to 15 students

SEK 6,500 (1 film educator)

16 to 30 students

SEK 13,000 (2 film educators)


digitally or live

Move the meeting or conference outside the office and arrange it in a different and inspiring environment among film sets and props. We offer conference room furnishings with seating for up to 70 people with or without tables. We have full technical equipment for digital conferences. 

Feel free to combine the conference with one of our activities, workshops or lectures. Make a music video in the green screen or solve a tricky murder mystery together in our exhibition as a team building activity. 

Make something more of your digital conference or live broadcast. Broadcast live from our greenscreen, Cirkus Imagos manege or Pax spaceship. Let Ystad Studios Visitor Center become a hub when you hold larger conferences that gather participants in different parts of the world.


Pencils, pads, water and water glasses are always available

  • 4 000 kr full day 

  • SEK 2,500 half day 

Evening time (after 17.00) and weekend 

  • 5 000 kr full day 

  • SEK 3,500 half day 

All prices include VAT  

Always included: wifi / projector, sound and coffee 

We can tailor your conference to your wishes.

Contact us at for more information and cost proposals.