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Escape Room in the spirit of Wallander

Nyberg's lab

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Nyberg's Lab is a suspenseful escape room, inspired by Henning Mankell's work about Wallander and the skilled forensics technician Nyberg. Challenge yourself with your friends and take on mysteries that require sharp minds and cooperation. Experience Ystad with an exciting and mysterious crime drama.

Get ready for adventure and solve the puzzles - before the frost comes.

Be part of the crime drama

In 2002, the Ystad police changed premises and their old station was abandoned, along with Nyberg's lab. Skilled forensic scientist Nyberg used the lab to analyze evidence and solve crimes.


New activity has now been noticed in the abandoned premises. The police suspect the doomsday cult "The Last Disciple", sneaking around the abandoned premises. Nyberg went off to investigate and now he has disappeared without a trace...

Nyberg's disappearance has set off a race against the clock. You and your team have just one hour to uncover the cult's next steps, find hidden evidence and find Nyberg. Can you solve the riddles and uncover their plan before it's too late?

Good to know

The experience includes: Smoke, flashing lights, loud noises, dark spaces, fictitious blood and uneven ground

Recommended age - at least 12 years.

You participate at your own risk if you:​

  • have some kind of assistive device (wheelchair, crutches, cast, etc.)

  • risk some form of epileptic seizure


We reserve the right to deny a person entry if our recommendations are not followed.

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