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Ystad Studios Visitor Center


Film and media can be used in all subjects of the school and invite to a fun-filled learning that develops students' imagery and creative thinking.

We offer creative activities for all subjects and different purposes. The process of creating a film strengthens the collaboration within the group and gives students access to more ways of expression. Knowledge of how film is created also increases the understanding of how the language of the moving image works and affects.

With us, students can meet the film medium at different levels through a number of different activities: via an inspiring workshop during a visit to us or as a larger part of the teaching where a central part of the project takes place with us and we assist with material for pre- and post-work in school.


Photo: Carolina Falk

School package


During our workshops, the students get to try out different film activities that show them the world of filmmaking and let them test their ideas with the help of new tools. With us, students can make their own trailer, try animation with clay figures or paper, become a movie star for a day or record a music video. A workshop takes between one and three hours to complete and requires no preparation before the visit.

Educational activities

In collaboration with Film i Skåne, we work to strengthen children and young people's access to film and moving images both inside and outside school. Together, we offer educational programs at Ystad Studios Visitor Center and on site around Skåne. To help us, we have a network of film and media educators who offer ready-made layouts or tailored variants just for you. You can use the arrangements in teaching, within Creative School, as a complement to school cinema activities, in the cultural school, at the library, leisure center or at the summer camp. An educational activity can last for a couple of days or weeks. We can also help with information on where you can apply for financial support for your projects.

Creative school

Educational activities in Ystad Studios Visitor Center, for example the educational activities presented under school packages , can with advantage be part of the Creative School projects that are implemented in the municipalities. Film in Skåne's network of freelance film and media educators can tailor initiatives based on the needs of your municipality or school.


Photo: Carolina Falk

For further information about the Creative School, the film and media pedagogy network or other initiatives for film in school, you can read on Film in Skåne's website:

Skapande skola
Plan your school visit

If you have booked an educational activity for your class or school in Ystad Studios Visitor Center, you should carefully read through and make the preparations in the tutorial for the various concepts.

In Ystad Studios Visitor Center, the film and media educators are responsible for the teaching itself. The teachers help by taking the group's work forward and ensuring that technology is handled carefully and returned in undamaged condition.


The school visit takes place at the same time as other activities, so other visitors should be taken into account. It is important to plan enough time for transport so that the time for the educational program is not too short.

It is possible to have lunch with you at the designated place in Ystad Studios Visitor Center.


Photo: Carolina Falk

Planera skolbesöket
Competence development

Photo: Carolina Falk

Film in Skåne's freelance film and media educators also work with competence development for teachers and other educational staff.

Courses can be held in Ystad Studios Visitor Center or at any location. Examples of course content can be: own filmmaking, digital games, film screenings with suggestions on how to create conversations about film, film analysis, recording technology or editing. Your needs govern. You can find the film pedagogy network on Film in Skåne's website:

There is a fee of SEK 1,000 per group and occasion in addition to the film educators' fees.


You book school programs at Film i Skåne to Carolina Falk on telefon 

0707-479697 or

There is a fee of SEK 1,000 per group and occasion in addition to the film educators' fees.

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