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Visit the enchanted Faunutland

Emily and it
magic journey

A crystal is missing and a magic book moves you to the mysterious fairyland Faunutland. In the fantasy film, it is Emily who ends up in the mission to save the world of fairy tales, how would you have taken on the task? With us you visit a small piece of Faunutland.

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Faunutland is like no other world you have ever visited. This land is enchanted, and it does not just mean cute creatures and fun magical powers. In Faunutland, darkness lurks and forces that want evil. With us, you can sneak around in the real scenery that was used during the filming of the film, and if Belorac is not on tour, the giant monster is also in place in our part of Faunutland.

Do you think you know the way to the missing crystal? In that case, take courage and visit our enchanted escape room. Here it is your job to solve various clues that will help you find the crystal. But! First you have to venture through the magic tree. If it gets scary, take a friend or adult by the hand.

Fantasy adventure for children

With the help of a magic book, Emily ends up in the enchanted land of Faunutland. Here it soon turns out that something is not right and Emily discovers a struggle between good and evil. To help her, she has her new friends the friendly fairy Nightinglar and the strange monster Belorac.

Emily and the Magic Journey was written by Jenny Lampa and Marcus Ovnell, Ovnell also directed. The film was shot in Ystad Studios and premiered in May 2022.

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