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Explore the special effects of the film

Greenscreen studio

Perform supernatural magic tricks with the theme Circus Imago, record your favorite scene from Wallander or explore the possibilities and create your own creative scene in our greenscreen studio. This studio is built to discover and understand the technology behind greenscreen through play - for both young and old.


Choose a backdrop from one of the films produced with us. Get what you need from the costume store and start filming your own movie on the green screen. Explore how the green screen works with the help of green suits, drapes and objects. Plan your scene and act in front of the camera yourself or with friends. When you have finished your scene, you can save it by sending it to yourself.

This is how the greenscreen works

Greenscreen is a technology that makes it possible to make objects and people invisible on film. By filming two different clips and putting them on top of each other, we create an image that shows a completely new clip. We animate or film one clip outside the greenscreen, and the other in. We then place the clip produced outside the greenscreen in the green areas. This is how we can, for example, record a scene that takes place in space, even though we have not been in space at all and filmed. Try it for yourself, and you'll see!

Actually, you can use any color to put two clips on top of each other in this way. Therefore, the technology is also called chroma key, which roughly means "color key". The fact that filmmakers usually use green or blue is due to the fact that those colors are very different from human skin color, regardless of the skin color we have. If we use red, for example, there is a risk that people's faces and hands will become invisible even though we do not want to.

Ystad Studios Visitor Center Foto Caroline Lilja Grilly (56) - kopia.jpg
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