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Create your own sound effects

Experiment with sound

The sound of steps is not always the sound of a shoe against a floor. In our sound studio you will find out the secrets behind how to produce sound effects on film. You get to record your own effects for a short movie sequence and figure out what things you can use to get the best effects. 


One might think that film is mostly about moving images, beautiful scenes, good lighting and professional acting. But what we perhaps pay the least attention to when we watch a film, is sometimes what contributes the most to the mood. Used properly, sound effects can do several things. Sound can, for example, broaden the image by giving a foretaste of what will soon be shown, it can help us recognize what the film shows and it can help us focus our attention on parts of what is shown in the image right now. As with lighting, acting, props and scenery, the sound should help tell the story of the film. The sound should amplify the scene and the story. In our studio you can try how it can be done. 

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