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Ystad Studios Visitor Center

About us

Ystad Studios Visitor Center is an experience center for film. Here, Ystad Municipality and Film in Skåne merge and invite you to a content-rich range of experiences and learning in the world of film, next door to the professional film recording studio Ystad Studios, which is run by Film i Skåne.


Photo: Jesper Heimerson / Magasinet Skåne

Here you can wander around in authentic studio buildings and film environments, see and try props and create films and stories yourself with professional technology and with the help of our staff. Upon request, you can book guided tours, lectures and workshops. There is a green screen, editing room, sound studio and animation room to use.

In our business, the investment in learning for children and young people is important. The goal for us is that school students in Skåne get the opportunity to see, create, reflect on and show their own moving images.

Ystad Studios Visitor Center has its origins in Ystad Studios Film Camp, a regional initiative for learning in film production primarily aimed at schools, and Ystad Municipality's Cineteket, which since 2006 has attracted thousands of visitors from around the world who want to follow Kurt Wallander's behind the scenes. Our business is located in the actual studio building where many feature films and TV series have been recorded.

Ystad Studio background

In 2004, the old air defense halls at the Regiment in Ystad were transformed into  Scandinavia's largest film studio Ystad Studios.


Here, the first 13 Wallander films have been shot. The first film "Before the Frost" had 4.5 million viewers when it was shown in Germany for the first time. When the last three BBC films about Commissioner Wallander were shown in the UK in the summer of 2012, they had more than 18 million viewers.

In addition to the Wallander films, e.g. a. Oscar-nominated "The best of mothers", Jan Troell's "Maria Larsson's eternal moment", Sweden's first vampire film "Frostbiten" and "The only rational" and "Svinalängorna" were recorded here.

Between 2012 and 2014, the interior scenes from the successful series Bron II and Bron III were recorded in Ystad Studios.

The full list of films and TV series recorded in Ystad can be found here.

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